Working Experiences/Social

Radio Audio from 2007 has been producing and broadcasting SRHR program “” which now is one of the popular radio program produced by Radio Audio. The program is on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights of adolescent and young people; a great confusion at the time of making decision about higher education, career development and love, attraction and desires. Generation gap, several reproductive and mental health problems like management of sexual desires, misconception about masturbation, physical and mental change by age, opposite sex attraction, love affairs, sexually transmitted diseases, cultural and social pressure etc are the common queries sent by the majority of listeners. In a study of SMS texts (age range of senders: 16- 35) of last six months period, nearly 30% were with seeking counseling regarding personal affairs, career, spirituality, further education and other, 30% were about general health and remaining were about sex and reproductive health. The program broadcasts every night at 10-11pm from 80 FM stations outside the valley along with Radio Audio in capital. The program is running from last eight years and is admired by the adolescent and young people. It can be said on the basis of received SMS and personal feedback. Radio Audio holds the working experience with many NGOS and INGOs like; Family Planning Association of Nepal (FPAN), Sunaulo Pariwar Nepal (SPN), USAID- Nepal and SOLID Nepal.