About Us

Welcome to U Humorous Radio with strong Broadcasting framework, World–Class Infrastructure qualified Producer/presenter of the radio audio FM 106.3 MHz, established by successful entrepreneurs and dedicated media professional, offers you truly unique programmes that suit every kind of expectations. Like cool fresh juice in summer and boiling hot coffee in winter, it is coming to you. What will you probably expect more! When Radio Audio comes to you to calm you down from daily tension, relief from regular hectic schedule and release you from unwanted competition at your business. Now it is all possible and release you from unwanted competition at your business now it is all possible at the programmes are based on comedy all the way through full of entertainment–every time for every one a perfect satisfaction.


  • Development of positive thinking for peace and society
  • True information and healthy entertainment
  • Broadcasting programs focused on the problems and potentialities of communities
  • Search for new and challenging potentialities for investment
  • Association with government and non-government organization for economic enlistment as well as social development of the community people

Target listeners

  • People of Kathmandu city and its vicinity are the listeners of the Radio Audio
  • Radio Audio reaches to the all kinds to listeners with the diversity of the programs
  • Age, caste, religion, profession, geographical location etc never influence the programs and policy of the radio
  • Voice of children to elders, ordinary people to policy makers, student to researchers, academicians, professionals, entrepreneurs to consumers, and rural to urban, is heard only in Radio Audio