18 different comic

Radio Audio from Sunday to Friday has 18 different comic and satire programs. Few among them are Dhaniya Ki Duniya with Deepa Shree Niraula, Kitchen Café with Kiran K.C, Gau Sahar Express with emerging comedian actor Suman Karki, Comedy Club with popular comedian Raja Rajendra Pokhrel, Chiya Chautari, J Aaucha Majja Lae Hasauchha, Joke tantra and Lattae Baba Musical Show. All these programs are comical and satirical which entice and mesmerized the listeners. The comic presentation and fast songs helps to reinvigorate the programs where sponsors can associate to promote and inaugurate the product, brand with new scheme. This broadcaste 2 times in a week 1 on schedule time and recast too. Advertise With Us