Organization Experiences (In Video)

Radio Audio Pvt. Ltd. from last two years has been producing videos for youtube channel forsee network. The video production started from 2014. Radio Audio with the concept of going to television started producing programs. The programs- Chiya Chautari, Filmy Check post, Champa Chameli were produced and were aired via Himalayan Television. The viewers had admired the programs. With that admiration, Radio Audio then started to produce video programs for its own youtube channel Forsee network. Radio Audio now produces 2-3 programs every day for We now have 22,147 subscriptions on YouTube. Our videos have 1,500 view ship in minimum. This shows that viewers admire our content and presentation.We develop videos with original ideas and fresh content which makes viewers to admire our videos.The team working for Radio Audio works to produce video content as well. Thus, as Radio Audio holds good experience on developing and producing contents and programs Sexual and Reproductive Health, and video experience while producing programs for YouTube, we want to merge our audio and video experience for producing a documentary on Safe Abortion.