Deependra Khaniya

Mr. Deependra Khaniya, the Executive Chairperson of Radio Audio has contributed two decades for Radio. He started his radio journey from the South Asia’s first community radio, Radio Sagarmatha 102.4 Mhz. He was a management student, but this thrives and curiosity made him to establish and run a unique radio station. He learned all the radio ABC’s in Radio Sagarmatha; he produced reports and did news features. Then, his program Tinta Kura was the most admired one. However, he always dreamt big. After working for three years in Radio Sagarmatha, he joined Communication Corner (now, Ujyaalo Radio Network) and worked as a senior program producer. As his passion was to work more on the content, he wrote dramas, jingles and PSAs and produced them. His radio programs Kura Khasra Mitha and Hamro RHIYA Club was admired the most. Working in Communication Corner helped him to understand the management. Being a management student and having experienced earned he wanted to establish his own FM station targeting the valley only. Having discussions and brain storming, Mr. Khaniya came up with an idea of establishing the comedy radio station. Thus, in 2007 he turned his dream into reality. Radio Audio started its test transmission from 2064 Gai Jatra and was formally inaugurated in Dec 7, 2007. His idea of the comedy radio station brought ripple making FM stations to carry the same format and this is continuing. The establishment of Radio Audio became a prior step to a unique concept radio and gave hope to many new comers in radio that they can establish radio station with different ideas and can sustain it.