24 X 7 -different programs: we make people happy

#Daily shows

Lok Bazar,Jhyammai Dohori  and Khuldulee.com are daily shows of Radio Audio. Jhyamaai Dohori and Lok Bazar are folk song programs and broadcast via 10 different FM stations outside the valley. Similarly, Khuldulee.com is program on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights of adolescent and young people and broadcasts via 90 plus FM stations of our network.

#Weekly Refreshers

Radio Audio from Sunday to Friday has 24 different comic and satire programs. Few among them are Dhaniya Ki Duniya, Jhataro, Chatpate Garam Masala, Mister Maiya, Chiya Chautari, Baliyo Ghar School, J Aaucha Majja Lae Hasauchha, Facebook Store and Lattae Baba Musical Show. All these programs are comical and satirical. The comic presentation and fast songs are the essence of the program.

#Music with more masti

Fast bit, romantic & comedy music is core part of Radio Audio. Songs are essential part of Radio Audio branding. Thus, we do have titled music packages. In total, we do have 36 musical program shows from Sunday to Friday. We also promote new songs and singers- it is another unique point of us.

#Mid Night Music

Mid Night Music is non-stop music program that starts from 11pm and broadcasts till 5am. The music produced and broadcasted in day are re-broadcasted in Mid-Night Music. As songs are essential contents of Radio Audio. Thus, Radio Audio entertains it’s listeners through Mid Night Music for six hours.

#Sanibar-Funny bar

Saturday(s) are different for Radio Audio- we call it “Sanni Bar Funny Bar”. Saturday is holiday and we all take “Saturday” as a leisure day. Keeping this in mind, we want everyone to enjoy it to utter most. Thus, we only play 24 hours DJ music on Saturday.