Deependra Khaniya :Mr. Deependra Khaniya, the Executive Chairperson of Radio Audio has contributed two decades for Radio. He started his radio journey from the South Asia’s first community radio, Radio Sagarmatha 102.4 Mhz. He was a management student, but this thrives and curiosity made him to establish and run a unique radio station. He learned all the radio ABC’s in Radio Sagarmatha; he produced reports and did news features. Then, his program Tinta Kura was the most admired one.

However, he always dreamt big. After working for three years in Radio Sagarmatha, he joined Communication Corner (now, Ujyaalo Radio Network) and worked as a senior program producer. As his passion was to work more on the content, he wrote dramas, jingles and PSAs and produced them. His radio programs Kura Khasra Mitha and Hamro RHIYA Club was admired the most. Working in Communication Corner helped him to understand the management. Being a management student and having experienced earned he wanted to establish his own FM station targeting the valley only. Having discussions and brain storming, Mr. Khaniya came up with an idea of establishing the comedy radio station. Thus, in 2007 he turned his dream into reality. Radio Audio started its test transmission from 2064 Gai Jatra and was formally inaugurated in Dec 7, 2007. His idea of the comedy radio station brought ripple making FM stations to carry the same format and this is continuing. The establishment of Radio Audio became a prior step to a unique concept radio and gave hope to many new comers in radio that they can establish radio station with different ideas and can sustain it.

Amit Chandra AdhikariYoung and active, Mr. Amit Chandra Adhikari is a Director of Radio Audio Pvt. Ltd. He had been with Radio Audio from the very initial days. He works hard and is result orientated and has been leading the radio’s corporate sector. As Radio Audio is in its 12th year, it is his skills and strategies that Radio Audio has been admired and is in the top rank among other radio station.

He passed SLC in 2059 B.S., did college being an “Education” student and had no idea about marketing, production, and distribution. But, he always remained focused and optimistic in his job. His curious and adaptable mind and soul left no stones unturned in developing the skills to well-handle managerial tasks. As he came from the education faculty, he can make people understand about the market management and radio content. He is the man because of whom Radio Audio celebrates the happiness and joy along with its listeners. It is his hardship and devotion towards his work that he is rising as the most admired brand ambassador for multiple products in the corporate sector, which is really interesting. Similarly, many big movie banners approach him for the consultancy for the marketing strategies.

In Feb 2018, he was honored by Vice President of Nepal Nanda Bahadur Pun in recognition for a decade-long contribution in the radio business. Similarly, he was honored by MAHA Sanchar in recognition for the best marketing strategy for the movie Satru Gatae. In addition, he was admired and awarded by the national and international artist society. Mr. Adhikari has added uncountable bricks to Radio Audio’s success and we are proud to have him as a Director, and we are completely assured that he will direct Radio Audio to the rightful direction.

Radio Audio Guardian

Madan Krishna Shrestha :Veteran television actor and comedian, Madan Krishna Shrestha is one of the most respected person in the Nepalese entertainment industry. He is well known for his method acting. He is one of the comedy duos, “MaHa Jodi”, the other one being Hari Bansha Acharya. He also performs on stage most of the time with his partner, Hari Bansha Acharya.

Hari Bansha Acharya :Competent television actor and comedian, Hari Bansha Acharya is one of the most successful and respected comedians in the Nepalese entertainment industry. He and Madan Krishna Shrestha make up the comedy duo Maha Jodi. He is known for his distinct characters.MaHa has and has been working in both social and commercial contents from decades. The duo is the legends of the comedy.The duo inaugurated Radio Audio Pvt. Ltd. on Dec 21, 2007. They are our guardian.


Kiran KC:Talented KC is a comedy artist of Nepal. He has performed in Nepali movies, worked closely with versatile actors Madan Krishna Shrestha and Hari Bansha Acharya. He is popular as “Rata Makai”, the character he performed in the Nepali comedy teleserial Jhire Khursani.

Shiva Hari Poudel :Shiva Hari Poudel is a Nepali comic actor, writer, and director. He is admired as Asina Prasad, the role he played in Nepali tale serial Jire Khursani. Proficient actor Shiva Hari Poudel has left an impressive mark on people’s heart with the character Purna that he performed for the popular Nepali teleserial Devi.

Basundhara Bhusal :Efficient actress Basundhara Bhusal is well known for her character Nakkali, the comedy role she played in the movie Sindoor. She started her career from “Aama”-the first movie made in Nepal. She had a short comedy role in a movie. She has performed every kind of roles but is admired for comic ones.

Deepak Raj Giree :Deepak Raj Giree is actor, producer, script writer and Director in Nepali Industry. He started his career as a radio artist. He is a hard worker and has achieved victory with his strength. His audience admired his comedy teleserial Tito Satya. His audience and listeners still love him and know him as Ram Bilash, the popular character of the popular radio program “Ram Bilash Ra Dhaniya”. Chha Ekan Chha, Wada No. Chha and Chakka Panja are his blockbuster movies.

Deepa Shree Niraula :Deepa Shree Niraula is a versatile actress and successful director of Nepali film industry. She is admired for her character Dhaniya- the character from the popular radio program “Ram Bilash Ra Dhaniya”. The out spoken and hardworking Deepa started her career from drama and made it to movie industry. She became more popular from the comedy teleserial Tito Satya. She debuted as a director from the movie Chakka Panja; the movie became a blockbuster hit. She is also a popular radio program presenter of the radio program “Dhaniya Ki Duniya” in Radio Audio. The program has been running from 2007.

Jitu Nepal :Talented Jitu Nepal is actor, writer and director of the popular Nepali comedy serial Jire Khursani. His role “Mundre” is mostly admired. He started his career from radio drama and made it to Nepali movie industry. He worked as comedy actor for many Nepali movies and later, acted on the blockbusters- Chha Ekan Chha, Wada No. chha and Chakka Panja.

He is also a radio program presenter of the popular radio program “Jhataro” in Radio Audio. The program has been running from 2007.

Sitaram Kattel :Multitalented Sita Ram Kattel is popularly known as Dhurmus, the character he played in the Nepali teleserial Meri Bassai. He is considered as one of the Nepal’s most talented person because he alone had played more than 24 roles in his own sitcom Meri Bassai. Currently, he is highly active in social work and is admired by many.

Kunjana Ghimire :Versatile Kunjana Ghimire started her career from radio dramas. She now is well-established comedy actress of Nepali Industry. She is popularly known as Suntali- the role she played on Nepali teleserial Meri Bassai. She is well admired for the various roles in her own sitcom Meri Bassai. She is onto social work these days.

Kedar Ghimire :Kedar Ghimire is a protean actor of Nepali industry. He is actor, producer, television artist and singer. He is a very popular TV icon in Nepal as known as Magne Budo- the character he played on the popular Nepali teleserial Meri Bassai. Currently, he is working on Nepali comedy web series Khas Khus.

Manoj Gajurel :Manoj Gajurel is a versatile stand-up comedian of Nepal. He is admired for the characters he performs for the stage program. His poetic and mesmerizing presentation makes him distinct. He is also a well-established columnist for the Nepali weekly Newspaper- Saptahik. He started his career at the age of 14.

Team Radio Audio