Working Experiences/Commericial

When Radio Audio emerged, there were already more than 300 FM stations already running in a country. We were naïve on this field. We had new brand- new concept; we had new audience. Financially, we were booming in the market. We were rising with both opportunity and challenge respectively. We explored ourselves with idea- the new concept rather than emphasizing on market and money- and that made us to achieve the victory. Commercially, we started working with the local brands like, Café, tution center, restaurants, nursery, tuition center, education consultancy and more; and now we are working with the multinational brands like mobile company, insurance, banks and more.  

Working Experiences/Social

Radio Audio from 2007 has been producing and broadcasting SRHR program “” which now is one of the popular radio program produced by Radio Audio. The program is on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights of adolescent and young people; a great confusion at the time of making decision about higher education, career development and love, attraction and desires. Generation gap, several reproductive and mental health problems like management of sexual desires, misconception about masturbation, physical and mental change by age, opposite sex attraction, love affairs, sexually transmitted diseases, cultural and social pressure etc are the common queries sent by the majority of listeners. In a study of SMS texts (age range of senders: 16- 35) of last six months period, nearly 30% were with seeking counseling regarding personal affairs, career, spirituality, further education and other, 30% were about general health and remaining were about sex and reproductive health. The program broadcasts every night at 10-11pm from 80 FM stations outside the valley along with Radio Audio in capital. The program is running from last eight years and is admired by the adolescent and young people. It can be said on the basis of received SMS and personal feedback. Radio Audio holds the working experience with many NGOS and INGOs like; Family Planning Association of Nepal (FPAN), Sunaulo Pariwar Nepal (SPN), USAID- Nepal and SOLID Nepal.

Working with Meri Stopes International

Radio Audio from last two years Radio Audio has been working with Meri Stopes International, Nepal. Radio Audio has been producing and broadcasting contents and jingles on Safe Abortion and Family Planning contraceptives. The contents of Safe Abortion and Family Planning are produced and broadcasted within the radio program on Friday as Radio Audio has separated Friday’s for MSI Nepal.The program also highlights the activities of Meri Stopes/SPN and promotes their brand.

Working with FPAN (Family Planning Association of Nepal)

Radio Audio developed content, script and program focusing on Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) for FPAN, in the year 2010. The program was aired within a popular radio program “” and was broadcasted via Network FM stations of Radio Audio. The program had expert’s interviews along with Adolescents and FPAN youth volunteers regarding importance of sexuality education and awareness. It was 18 episodes program and received immense of positive feedback as a result the program continued for one more month.

Soon after the accomplishing CSE project FPAN approached us for one more project “Sundai Jau Bujhdai Jau”. Thus, in the same year, Radio Audio developed 25minutes drama content and developed scripts and planned interviews for “Sundai Jau Bujhdai Jau” radio project. The 38 episodes program was on Sex Education and HIV/AIDS. The program had great impact on listeners. Also, we received huge number of positive SMS and personal feedback regarding a program.

Recently from May-June 2016 Radio Audio produced 13 episodes radio program for FPAN. The program was FP2020 Special program where the program discussed about implementation of Family Planning contraceptives. The program was aired via Radio Audio along with its network FM stations.

Working with USAID Nepal

Radio Audio holds an experience working with USAID Nepal for a radio program “Chiya Chautari”. The program was on constitution drafting and peace process and ran for three years. The project started at 2009 with 12 different PSAs and 26 episodes radio program addressing the amendments of constitution. The program followed improvised scripts with Gurukul artists along with experts to discussed constitution drafting process. The program developed its brand and became one of the most listened programs. With the success of the project, USAID continued its program with Radio Audio. Radio Audio then developed 18 different PSAs on involvement of layman on constitution drafting process. We also produced 32 episodes program organizing a national level letter writing competition. For 3rd phase Radio Audio produced 20 episodes program for USAID. The program was recorded among mass- artists performing on stage and making people speak up their mind on they feel regarding on going constitution drafting process then. After accomplishing the project, USAID Nepal itself gave a “Best program” tag to Chiya Chautari which we believe is our achievement.

Working with IPAS Nepal

Radio Audio developed team produced six different PSAs with the thematic messages regarding safe abortion. The PSAs were produced in simple language taking the reference of Surakshit Garbhapatan Jankari Pustika and were broadcasted every hour via Radio Audio FM 106.3. Also, the produced PSAs were broadcasted in making PSAs to reach many young peoples. The PSAs were broadcasted for a nine days starting from 19 September 2014 t0 28 September 2014. This was done to share proper information to the listeners. Also, team on 28th September did an event based program on Global Day of Action for Access to Safe and Legal Abortion.

Working with SOLID Nepal

Radio Audio developed 32 episodes radio programs for SOLID Nepal on importance of sex education. The program also responded received SMS through an interview with expert.

Recently, Radio Audio has been producing 20 episodes program “Hamro Kakshyakotha” for SOLID Nepal. It is 30 minutes program and has classroom setup. As the program is in classroom setup, it has curious students who asks question on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights and get it solved with the help of cooperative teacher in the class. Radio Audio by now has produced seven episodes.

Working with NHRC (National Health and Research Council)

Radio Audio currently (2016) has been producing “Swasthya Jeewan” radio episodes for NHRC. The program deals with Non-Communicable Disease and healthy life styles of an individual.

With all this, Radio Audio holds good working experience on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. Also, now has become one of the most listened programs. We can say it with a reference of an assessment report on Radio Program on SRHR content- which shows that with 26.1 percent listeners. The research was carried out by SOLID Nepal. With this percent of listenership- Radio Audio holds the second position on most listened radio program.

Organization Experiences (In Video)

 Radio Audio Pvt. Ltd. from last two years has been producing videos for youtube channel forsee network. The video production started from 2014. Radio Audio with the concept of going to television started producing programs. The programs- Chiya Chautari, Filmy Check post, Champa Chameli were produced and were aired via Himalayan Television. The viewers had admired the programs. With that admiration, Radio Audio then started to produce video programs for its own youtube channel Forsee network. Radio Audio now produces 2-3 programs every day for We now have 22,147 subscriptions on YouTube. Our videos have 1,500 view ship in minimum. This shows that viewers admire our content and presentation.We develop videos with original ideas and fresh content which makes viewers to admire our videos.The team working for Radio Audio works to produce video content as well. Thus, as Radio Audio holds good experience on developing and producing contents and programs Sexual and Reproductive Health, and video experience while producing programs for YouTube, we want to merge our audio and video experience for producing a documentary on Safe Abortion.