EXTRA PRODUCT: EXTRA MASTI :All these characters are produced and broadcasted to break listener’s monotonous mood. 

#Rato Batti

Rato Batti is a cue for program break. As soon as the Ratto Batti airs we do play advertisements. And, this brand can be associated with the brand promotion of your product/skim. The Ratto Batti comes 4 times hour (30 sec Break Time). The total cost for a day is Rs. 5,000 (Rupees Five Thousand only).

#Hariyo Batti

Alike to Rato Batti, Hariyo Batti is a cue to the program. As soon as the Hariyo Batti comes, we do air the program. Be it a film promotion or song promotion, it helps to give mileage to your project/brand. You can always associate your organization or brand within Hariyo Batti. The total cost for a day is Rs. 4,000 (Rupees Four Thousand only).

#Farsee ra Gantemula

Forsee and Gantemula (male and female respectively) are two established characters of Radio Audio. With it, we do share 45-60 sec content i.e., joke, short poems and other funny contents. It is played frequently.  It can be associated with fast food items like wai-wai, lays, kurkure, kurmure and other snacks items. We not only entertain people, we make people happy and satisfied.

#Pareli and Tareli

Pareli and Tareli (both female) are two established characters of Radio Audio. The characters are not only popular but are also admired by listeners. Alike to Farsee ra Gantemula, these characters are used for sharing social messages of 45-60 secs. These characters are used to aware listeners about the content. Pareli and Tareli are used for Public Service Announcements (PSAs).

#Antarae Jantarae

Antarae and Jantarae (both male) are two established characters of Radio Audio. With these characters we share social messages and comic issues respectively in 45-60 secs. These contents are played frequently. Antarae and Jantarae are used for comedy PSAs (Public Service Announcements.

#Sharma Jee

Sharma Jee is antic character of Radio Audio. He is poetic and shares funny short gajals, muktak and jokes. This too is 45-60 sec content and is played frequently. Sharma Jee can be associated with books and stationary products.

#Mayanath ko SMS

Alike to Sharma jee Mayanath is another character of Radio Audio. He shares SMS jokes and short funny poems. This is another content of 45-60 secs and is played frequently. The content for Mayanath ko SMS are based on facebook jokes. Your brand/product can be associated in a way that Mayanath receives a sms of your product and he shares about it in comic presentation.

#Sadhae @ 30 break

Sadhe is time check of Radio Audio. Radio Audio keeping its comic sense high has produced “Ghadi Lae Sadhae Hanyo” to share the time. But, it is done in distinct concept i.e., in the timeframe of 7:30; 8:30; 9:30. It can be associated with your product/skim.

#Time Check

Alike to Sadhae, Time Check is to share the time. We have a character “Chota Don” to share the time and that too in distinct way. Chota Don does not want to share the time but does it unknowingly fooling himself. Time Check can be associated with your product, project and skims.