Fun, Funny and Fantastic- this is what we are!

We only know- how to make people happy.Established in 2007 A.D., Radio Audio in a very short timeframe became people’s favorite. Fast beat music; fun and comic programs are the strength of Radio Audio. We do not debate on social, economic, political issues but use the satirical approach on program presentation to entertain our listeners and this is our unique point.Similarly, we have comedy artists to present the program which is another strength of ours and we are pleased that we work in close coordinating with celebrities.We are located in the Naya Baneshwor, the center of Kathmandu valley. We are 500 watts and 24 hours live radio. We have our own radio network that includes 100 FM stations all over the country. From Sunday to Friday, we do have 24 different comic and fun programs. Programs like Dhaniya Ki Duniya is based on an interview, the comic interview we love to say it. Dhaniya not only interviews the celebrity but also entertains listeners with her presentation. Likewise, the programs Jhataro and Joke Tantra are satirical to the socio-cultural aspect. The other programs like Chiya Chautari and Baliyo Ghar disseminate social messages. The programs like Champa Chameli, Mr. Maiya, Mama and Bhanja Company are based on characters and family drama.Similarly, the programs Jhyammai Dohori, Lok Bazar and are the daily episodes of Radio Audio. So, let’s come together and celebrate. We will make your business “Ek Kaan Dui Kaan Maidan…” and you will sense “Yes! Mai Chha Majja”.